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At The Cow Milk, we strive to deliver fresh, natural, healthy and pure Cow Milk produced at our farm through modern and hygienic process. To maintain the freshness, taste, and quality, we deliver milk in eco-friendly glass bottles.

Online Cow Milk Home Delivery

Buy farm fresh pure cow milk online with free home delivery. We are delivering a Bottle full of health right at your doorstep. The Cow Milk offers fresh, pure, and natural cow milk produced from high breed cows at your doorstep every day. Our cow milk home delivery areas include Delhi and Gurgaon.

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Our Cow Milk Delivery Process

Hi-Tech Farm

Cows are kept at our hi-tech farms that are designed to give them a hygienic environment. We use the latest technologies in the feeding, milking, shed management, and recording practices. Automatic scrapers and water jets are used to keep the farms clean.

Grow Our Own Feed

We believe happy cows give the healthiest milk. We don’t use any chemically-grown fodder to feed our cows. Instead, cows are fed organically grown fodder which keeps them in a healthy condition, thus producing the best quality of milk.

Touch-Free Milking

We use the most advanced technology to implement touch-free milking. The milk thus obtained is pure and free from the risk of any bacteria coming through the human touch. Our milk is produced without any antibiotics or synthetic-growth hormones.

Bottled Fresh,Everyday

We understand the importance of fresh milk and that is why we provide farm-fresh milk every day. You can order fresh cow milk from our farms while sitting at the comfort of your home.

Zero Adulteration

We make sure that the milk is cooled at 4° Celsius and delivered directly from our farms to your doorstep. Our milk is delivered within a couple of hours from the time of production, thus reducing the chance of any adulteration caused by the middlemen.

Quick Home Delivery

Now, you don’t have to wait for hours in the dairy line or worry about your milkman coming late. Get super-fast delivery of milk at your home directly. Subscribe to pure cow milk from our farms and enjoy the rich taste & major health benefits.

Trial Pack Start From : ₹75/L !

Get Farm Fresh Pure Cow Milk At Your Doorstep.

Our Dairy Farm Gurgaon

Incorporated in 2019, The Cow Milk is a dairy firm based in Haryana, India. The company is committed to produce high quality dairy products which do not have any touch of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Everything is produced through organic and sustainable farming system. The company believes in serving its worthy customers with fresh, nutritious, and pure cow milk in Gurgaon. The cattle are treated as family members and their utmost care is taken by providing them healthy environment and nutritious food so that they are healthy and happy. For cow milk in Gurgaon.


The milk is fresh, rich in texture, creamy and most importantly healthy. I’m so glad its delivered in eco-friendly glass bottles and not in plastic packaging to keep it free from the harmful chemicals. Absolutely healthy and safe for my family’s consumption everyday.
Chemical Free Milk


The Farm Fresh COW MILK - BOTTLE

When doctors recommended farm fresh healthy milk for my parents health recovery, I started looking online for fresh and chemical free cow milk and came across The Cow Milk. I started with trial of 5 days and became a regular customer instantly. The milk is chemical free, fresh, and healthy.
Good Quality Milk