The Cow Milk and its benefits

Despite the myths surrounding it and the vegetable fashions, fresh cow milk continues to be one of the most recommended foods by nutritionists and the most consumed in the world, as it contributes to meeting the daily needs of calcium, protein and vitamins.

Cow’s milk is a complete and balanced food that has all the nutritional principles that the body requires to grow and maintain health.

What are the health benefits of milk consumption?

The reasons to consume cow’s milk are many, it is an important source of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D and a balance of other nutrients that have been proven to build bones and teeth, but let’s list the main benefits of consuming authentic cow’s milk.

1. The Cow Milk is a highly nutritious food

The cow milk is known to provides energy, proteins of high biological value, vitamins and minerals

Cow’s milk provides a large amount of easily digestible proteins of high biological value, since they provide amino acids to meet human requirements, including essential ones.

Its proteins contain all the essential amino acids.

2. The bioavailability of calcium is high compared to other foods of plant origin

Cow’s milk provides calcium and other nutrients necessary for the formation of bones and teeth.

Although there are other sources of calcium of vegetable origin, the one that comes from cow ‘s milk is the one that best absorbs the human body. Due to the absence of inhibitory factors present in vegetables that negatively affect the absorption of the mineral.

Do not forget that calcium strengthens bone mass, thus helping to prevent osteoporosis and fractures.

3. Cow Milk is highly hydrating

Thanks to its water (88%) and mineral content, cow’s milk favors adequate hydration. There are many studies that show that milk is more effective in hydrating the body after sports than any industrial isotonic drink and even water.

4. The Cow Milk Contains Rryptophan

The precursor amino acid to serotonin, which helps you to be relaxed and sleep better.

Tryptophan is an amino acid that promotes sleep and is in small amounts in all foods that contain protein. It is a precursor of sleep-inducing components. Such as serotonin (neurotransmitter) and melatonin (a hormone that also acts as a neurotransmitter). Cow’s milk is rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D

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