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Trackless Milk Source Detailed Track Record
Milk is gathered from many small-sized farmers resulting in discrepancies in supply volume and quality Milk delivered is usually a mixture of multiple breeds of cattle and also a mix of cow and buffalo milk Sourced from our well sanitized and state of the art dairy with only one breed of cows (Holstein Friesian and Jersey cross-breed), the milk delivered is 100% fresh and healthy cow’s milk
Flourishing Adulteration Pure and Natural Milk
According to FSSAI, 70% of milk is non-conforming to prescribed standards. Water is that commonest adulterant which poses a significant health risk if contaminated Apart from water, a whopping6% of the milk is adulterated with detergents Our next generation milking process involves automated milking, in-line pasteurization & touch-free packaging eliminating human interference, thus the danger of adulteration. Daily lab tests further reinforce our commitment to providing 100% unadulterated milk
Unusual Growth Hormones Happy, Healthy Cows
Injection of cows with bovine somatotropin s (bGH) is extremely common in India and is completed to form them mature faster and produce more milk bGH has been completely banned in Europe and Canada since injecting cows with bovine growth hormone may increase the danger for a few cancers Our cows are well kept with utmost care and love at our cruelty-free farm. They roam freely and have access to green pastures. They naturally produce milk twice each day without the necessity for any bovine hormones thereby making our milk 100% safe and natural
Irregular Supply Chain Fresh from the farms to your Doorstep!
The dairy supply chain involves multiple middlemen leading to delays in transportation to final destination The milk isn't maintained at the specified temperature leading to bacterial formation making the milk unfit for consumption With the elimination of all middlemen and with our robust cold chain that ensures milk is maintained at below 4o Celsius throughout the availability chain. Our milk is delivered within the healthiest possible form within a couple of hours of milk production
Artificial or Powdered Milk Pure, Natural, and Healthy Cow Milk
The gap between supply and demand forces dairy companies to convert milk into powdered milk and use it to supply reconstituted milk when production is low Milk being served during summer months may need actually been produced 6 months back! Our in-house forecasting tools and methodologies help us predict the demand for milk accurately and accordingly plan for timely farm expansions. We guarantee supply of only fresh liquid milk to all or any our customers
Wide use of Antibiotics No Antibiotics
Antibiotics are used on many farms to treat mastitis infections which are likely to point out up within the milk, which may contribute to the event of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which may be a serious, developing public ill health Our cows are given the simplest health care facilities with regular check-ups performed by our certified veterinary doctors. Any cow which falls sick is separated from the herd and provided specialized treatment. Milk from only the healthy cows is supplied to consumers